A vow is a binding promise made to God. As members of a secular institute we have received an additional gift from God, which enables us to deepen and strengthen this consecration by professing the vows of celibacy, poverty and obedience. Vows can be seen merely as an adherence to a set of rules or indeed as a ‘sacrifice’. A law is a set of rules, but behind the law is the sense behind the law or the reason for the law to be made. It is the same for vows. Emotional maturity is needed when taking vows – the gifts of self-awareness, self-esteem and self-control are vital.


We choose to love and serve Christ by a life of celibacy. This liberates the human heart in a unique way making it more sensitive to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and more generously available to each and everyone. It frees us to be able to offer ourselves more fully to God in our work, our concern for others, our generosity and our love toward others


All that we are and have we want to use for the benefit of others. Poverty does not exclusively, or even primarily, consist of giving of material wealth. It is a recognition of our humility and simplicity before God. Thus we are able to accept that we have our gifts and talents that are useful to others and we can share them freely.


We share in the obedience of Christ. As members of the same Institute, we must all help one another to know and follow the will of God. This requires giving co-operation and support to the members in elected offices and also to one another. Our readiness to serve Christ demands our personal initiative, responsibility, generosity, humility and faithfulness to decisions.

Taking vows would mean giving God

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